ChessKid’s 2023 Back To School Sale Starts Now!

ChessKid's 2023 Back To School Sale Starts Now!


The summer holidays are coming to an end, and school is about to start again (or already has!). For parents and educators (or anyone with a chess-loving kid in their family), ChessKid is the best resource you can use to give them an extraordinary educational experience.

Read on to learn more about receiving financial grants for your local scholastic chess program, seasonal savings on ChessKid memberships, coaching opportunities, a back-to-school blitz contest, and more. 

A promo image offering 20% off ChessKid Gold memberships.

Save 20% On Gold ChessKid Memberships

A Gold ChessKid membership comes with unlimited lessons, videos, puzzles, and access to ChessKid’s full array of fun bots (including young superstars like FM Tani Adewumi and ChessKid friend GM Viswanathan Anand). It’s the best way to encourage young players to keep enjoying the game and learning new skills.

Take advantage of the back-to-school sale happening between September 1 and October 15, and save 20% on a one-year membership using the promo code backtoschool2023.

A Gold ChessKid membership for kids also comes with a Gold ChessKid Parent account, so that their parent or guardian can enjoy full access to the site’s resources too.

There are plenty of challenging lessons and puzzles to be found, even for advanced adult players—and it’s a great way polish your skills to make sure the kids don’t beat you too easily!

Back-to-school Blitz Contest

This special contest is taking place for the entire month of September. Any ChessKid who plays 100 ‘Fast Chess’ games over the course of the month will earn a chance to play FM Mike Klein (AKA FunMasterMike) and win ChessKid merchandise. 

A small banner showing an image of two cartoon ChessKids with the text ''100 games'', then an = sign with an image representing playing a game against FunmasterMike, and a + sign followed by a ChessKid-branded shirt.

ChessKid Coaching

ChessKid’s selection of professional coaches features the best of the best. Every single coach who offers lessons on ChessKid goes through an extensive background check and specializes in teaching young players how to improve their skills.

This summer features a special coaching offer on ChessKid: When you purchase any coaching package (with auto-renewal), you’ll get a full year of ChessKid Gold membership included. Plus, enjoy three months of membership with any one-time coaching package purchase.

If you’ve ever thought about hiring a coach for your ChessKid, now’s the time!

New Features And Grants

ChessKid users will be treated to some great new bots and features this back-to-school season:

An image showing the Zoo Crew bots on ChessKid.

For more information and tips on how to make the most out of the back-to-school season, check out ChessKid’s back-to-school checklist.


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