Announcing The 2023 Create Your Own Course Contest With GM Maurice Ashley

Announcing The 2023 Create Your Own Course Contest With GM Maurice Ashley

[ad_1] is excited to announce the third edition of Chessable’s annual Create Your Own Course contest. Registrations are open from September 1 to November 30 to all Chessable PRO members who want to participate. 

This is the perfect opportunity for you to share your knowledge and love for chess with Chessable’s community of passionate learners. From beginners to masters, we all have a course in us, and now it’s time to share it! The winner will see their course presented by the legendary GM Maurice Ashley and receive a $5,000 advance on sales prize

Who Can Participate?

The Create Your Own Course contest is open to all Chessable PRO members—and we really mean all. Even if you’re not an expert chess player, there’s still something you can teach. In fact, club players often bring a new perspective to their courses that makes them uniquely useful for their peers.

Take the example of Chessable member CraftyRaf. When he created his Checkmate Patterns Manual course, he had a FIDE rating of around 1800. Yet, his course became one of Chessable’s biggest hits, eventually getting a video upgrade featuring IM John Bartholomew. Even GM Magnus Carlsen gave it a try in one of his videos!

Your course can be on any chess-related topic, so you can let your imagination run free and tackle anything you’d like.

Why Should You Participate?

Having your own course published on Chessable is an extremely rewarding process. Many Chessable creators have expressed how pleased they were with the feedback they received from Chessable experts and the community to improve their courses.

Creating a course is also a great way for you to deepen your understanding of a topic. Teaching others is one of the most effective learning techniques, so your chess will also benefit from your course creation process.

You’ll also have the chance to win up to $5,000 as an advance on your course sales and see your course come to life in video form with the help of world-renowned presenter GM Maurice Ashley!

But even if you don’t win the contest, you can still reap the rewards of having a course published on Chessable. Many creators who participated in previous years saw their courses become widely successful despite not winning the first-place prize. One of them, Can Kabadayi, even saw his submission become a video course later and became a well-established Chessable author with five successful courses under his belt!

How To Participate

Creating a course on Chessable is easy. Check out this guide to learn how to publish and sell your own Chessable course. You’ll automatically participate in the contest by completing the steps in this guide and submitting your course as a PRO member.

What Are The Contest Prizes?

This year, Chessable’s Create Your Own Course contest will reward English, German, and Spanish creators with an advance on course sales cash prizes. Winners will have their courses presented by GM Maurice Ashley, WGM Josephine Heimann, and IM Michael Rahal, respectively.


  • Presenter: GM Maurice Ashley
  • 1st: $5,000
  • 2nd: $3,000
  • Best beginner course: $2,000


  • Presenter: WGM Josephine Heimann
  • 1st: €2,500
  • 2nd: €1,500
  • Best beginner course: €1,000


  • Presenter: IM Michael Rahal
  • 1st: $2,500
  • 2nd: $1,500
  • Best beginner course: $1,000

Are you ready to embark on the journey to have your own course published on Chessable? Click here to participate in the contest and share your chess passion with the world!


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