Narodistky Claims 4th Bullet Brawl Title

Narodistky Claims 4th Bullet Brawl Title


GM Daniel Naroditsky finished ahead of GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Andrew Tang in Saturday’s Bullet Brawl after scoring 70 wins en route to amassing a 275 score. Following a loss to Nakamura in his first game, Naroditsky ran rampant and procured a 26-game unbeaten streak to assist him in winning the $400 first prize.

WGM Meri Arabidze won the $100 best female prize once again, with her score of 75 allowing her to finish leaps and bounds ahead of her competitors in the category. In the community event, user “advancedrook” finished atop the leaderboard after a close race with second and third placegetters, “PythonEng” and “KajusM.”

The next edition of Bullet Brawl will take place next week on Saturday, September 2, 2023, at 1 p.m. ET/19:00 CEST.

How to review games?
The games from August’s fourth Bullet Brawl can be found here.

Despite over 100 titled players entering each edition of Bullet Brawl over the last few weeks, two players have risen above the rest and won each of August’s two-hour arenas, Naroditsky and Nakamura. On Saturday, a third contender in Tang entered the race, and the three duked it out to see who could rack up the most wins and claim first prize.

Nakamura, Naroditsky, and Tang are three of the world’s best bullet chess players and finished first, second, and third.

Getting a good start has been a key component of every winning run in Bullet Brawl’s short history. Nakamura’s two losses to Naroditsky, and a loss to bullet juggernaut IM Anthony He, opened the floodgates for his American rivals to jump out to an early lead. Naroditsky’s 17-move win in the Jobava London was the highlight of these.

A 35-win undefeated streak in the middle of the arena was the lynchpin of Naroditsky’s winning run and the the American commentator’s games during this period were marked by tactical artistry and blistering speed. Notable games in this streak included wins over GMs Amin Tabatabaei, Jose Martinez, Denes Boros, and Sergei Zhigalko.

Crossing paths with Naroditsky in the second half of the event effectively guaranteed doom.

See if you can find some of the tactical shots that Naroditsky found below.

Forks seemed to be on the menu for Naroditsky on Saturday…

Pins also helped the content creator win several games (finding the best move here is difficult).

One of Naroditsky’s understated abilities is his mental fortitude. When several positions went awry on Saturday, the event’s winner almost seemed casual in brilliantly turning them around. Shaking his head after missing a check against Turkey’s GM Cem Kaan Gokerkan, Naroditsky responded with the queen sacrifice, 21.Qh5!?, and eventually won the game.

With’s 2023 Speed Chess Championship looming, Bullet Brawl may see an influx of super-GMs in the coming weeks as players try to find some form heading into one of online chess’ most prestigious events. With only four unique winners across 15 editions of Bullet Brawl, it will be intriguing to see if the quartet will be able to maintain its monopoly in the coming months.


Rank Fed Title Name Username Rating Score
1 GM Daniel Naroditsky DanielNaroditsky 3260 257
2 GM Hikaru Nakamura Hikaru 3289 225
3 GM Andrew Tang penguingm1 3130 218
4 GM Oleksandr Bortnyk Oleksandr_Bortnyk 3153 196
5 GM Rauf Mamedov Baku_Boulevard 3103 181
6 NM Janak Awatramani 12teen 2977 166

GM Sergei Zhigalko Zhigalko_Sergei 3095 160
8 GM Jose Martinez Jospem 3075 154
9 GM Amin Tabatabaei amintabatabaei 3064 153
10 GM Tuan Minh Le wonderfultime 3018 152
11 GM Vi Pranav vi_pranav 3013 139
12 GM Aram Hakobyan Njal28 3013 135
13 IM Kacper Drozdowski Kacparov 2940 126
14 GM Guillermo Vasquez gena217 2882 122
15 GM S.L. Narayanan IndianLad 2976 120
16 IM Fiorito Joaquin lamoniajunior 2823 117
17 IM Deniz Ozen denizozen 3002 116
18 GM Denes Boros BlueWizzard 2881 111

CM Eqor Baskakov stollenmonster 2864 108

FM Vasily Volovich BlackBoarder 2795 107

Bullet Brawl is an exciting new titled arena that features’s top bullet specialists and now takes place weekly on Saturdays. The format is a two-hour arena with a 1+0 time control; the prize fund is $2,500.

Much like Titled Tuesday and Arena Kings, Bullet Brawl often features top GMs, including Hikaru Nakamura, Daniel Naroditsky, Andrew Tang, Tuan Minh Le, and many more!

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