Learn From Judit Polgar On Her Path From Child Star To Super Grandmaster

Learn From Judit Polgar On Her Path From Child Star To Super Grandmaster


Universally recognized as the single greatest woman to ever play chess, in outlets ranging from the New York Times in 1997 to Chess.com in 2021, GM Judit Polgar is now ready to share the best games of her career as you’ve never seen them before… only on Chess.com!

Judit Polgar Lesson

Polgar’s resume is impeccable. In 1991 she became the youngest grandmaster in history, beating a record previously set by GM Bobby Fischer that had lasted for over 30 years. She would go on to become the only woman to ever reach a 2700 FIDE rating and the only woman to play for the world championship (2005). In her brilliant career, she notched wins over five straight world champions, from GM Anatoly Karpov to GM Magnus Carlsen.

In this six-part, four-hour premium video lesson, Polgar and IM Danny Rensch discuss Polgar’s unique childhood and her path to becoming a perennial top-10 chess player and ultimately one of the world’s most legendary and accomplished chess players.

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Games covered include:

  • A 22-move attacking miniature played when she was just 11 years old!
  • Her positional masterpiece against GM Viswanathan Anand in 1998 at Wijk aan Zee, one of the world’s most prestigious tournaments!
  • Her win over GM Garry Kasparov in “Russia vs. Rest of the World” in 2002—this victory helped the world team to an upset victory! 

Every Game From The Lesson

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