Launching Chess Clash: The Unique Event Featuring Clash of Clans, Clash Royale And A Galaxy Of Stars

Launching Chess Clash: The Unique Event Featuring Clash of Clans, Clash Royale And A Galaxy Of Stars


Strategy fans take note—a unique star-studded multi-game crossover event that pits big names in chess against stars of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale is coming to

IM Levy Rozman and WFM Alexandra Botez, two of the most followed chess streamers out there, are on board for this meeting of minds from two huge strategy game universes: and Clash.

From chess, there will also be the mystery man Rey Enigma, WFM Anna Cramling, BlitzStream (NM Kevin Bordi), FM Luis Siles, SonicFox, and Wirtual. From the gaming universe, we welcome Clash With Ash, Domingo, IamCristinini, OJ, Sapnap, SirTagCR, Xokas, and xRhat.

The event will take place on September 7. In total, 16 will compete, split into two Clans—each with four chess stars and four Clash stars teaming up for the ultimate fusion. Superstar streamer Ludwig, IM Danny Rensch, and Clash creator Clash With Eric will provide the commentary on or on our Twitch and YouTube channels.

Skills at chess and both Clash titles will be tested to the limit. But whose will prove decisive, the chess or Clash stars?

Rensch,’s Chief Chess Officer, said: “As a huge fan of both games, and a decent player of one of them (I won’t say which), I couldn’t be more excited for Chess and Clash to come together!”

The announcement for the event was made during the live finals of PogChamps 5. Ludwig, co-hosting PogChamps 5, said it was “the greatest chess Clash universe crossover you didn’t even know was happening!”

The format will see pairs from each Clan compete in six challenges spanning chess and Clash and earning coins for their performance. In the Clash portion, the Clans will compete over a variety of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale game modes. Click here for a more details on what awaits our contestants.

During the chess stage, the challenges are Hand & Brain and Puzzle Rush—both familiar disciplines to fans—before an exciting new chess variant named Spell Chess makes its debut. A finale played over Clash of Clans will then follow to determine the overall winning Clan.

At stake is a charity prize pool up to $50,000, which players can add to by earning stars—plus bragging rights for each online community. Each member of the winning team will also be immortalized in a bot on during September.

Every participant will livestream their battles on their Twitch and/or YouTube channels so fans can follow whoever they want, plus coverage will be available on and Supercell’s channels.

Chess Clash kicks off at 2 p.m. ET/20:00 CEST on September 7 and is being put on by, the world’s largest chess site, with Supercell, the developer behind the hugely-popular Clash titles.


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