Artist Bots Are Here For August

Artist Bots Are Here For August


Every month, there is a renaissance of sorts on, when we release our new bots. Is chess an art? It will be when you play this month’s artist bots!

So grab a refreshment (a slice of pizza, perhaps?), take a seat on your art stool, and paint your next masterpiece on the chessboard against these artist bots. Too late for April, they’re here this August only—just a splinter of time—so play them soon! 

As always, these new, limited-time bots are available on our Play Computer page.

Artist Chess Bot Button

Below you can learn more about each of the new artist bots. Pay no attention to the color of their headwear, it’s not important.


Playing strength: 750.

Donatello was a renowned sculptor and one of the most important artists of the early Renaissance. Please play a game against him.

Donatello Artist Chess Bot


Playing strength: 1250.

Raphael is considered the “prince of painters” and seeks a new apprentice in his workshop. Do you have what it takes to impress him?

Rafael Artist Chess Bot


Playing strength: 1475.

Artemisia Gentileschi was one of the most expressive artists of the 1600s. Prepare for a game as dramatic as her baroque paintings.

Artemisia Artist Chess Bot


Playing strength: 1700.

Renaissance man Michelangelo excelled in many art forms. But will his creative genius translate to brilliancy on the board?

Michelangelo Artist Chess Bot


Playing strength: 2700.

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest artists and thinkers to ever live. Can you beat this famous Renaissance Man?

Leonardo Artist Chess Bot

Is chess a game, a science, or… an art? Let us know your answer to that question in the comment section below!


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