Play Chess Against Soccer Star Christian Pulisic

Play Chess Against Soccer Star Christian Pulisic


You can now play chess against the star player of the U.S. national soccer team, Christian Pulisic. A fast and creative player on the field, Pulisic is ready to show you what he’s got over the board! Head to our Play Computer page to challenge the man whose middle name is literally “Mate.” 

Christian Pulisic bot

Pusilic’s bot plays with a 1500 strength and, like in soccer, displays his aggressive nature when playing chess. 

A true admirer of the game, Pusilic inked his love for chess on his left arm in the form of the powerful queen. “It’s an incredible game that can help you with a lot of things like problem-solving or seeing different patterns,” the player said in an interview with Daily Mail.

In 2022, Pusilic was part of the Champions Chess Tour broadcast as he took on the Charity Chess Challenge. Tasked with playing against 10-year-old Magnus in the Play Magnus app, the soccer star had a great game against his tough opponent.

Most recently, Pusilic also met with GM Magnus Carlsen. As PUMA ambassadors, the players came together for a promotional campaign for the worldwide sports brand. While at it, they had the chance to share their mutual love for each other’s crafts and even played a game of chess.

Magnus Carlsen and Christian Pusilic playing chess
PUMA ambassadors Carlsen and Pusilic playing chess. Photo: PUMA.

Now it’s your turn to play chess against Christian Pulisic! Go to our Play Computer page and test your skills against the new bot.


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