Netflix Launches ‘Queen’s Gambit Chess’ Game

Netflix Launches 'Queen's Gambit Chess' Game


No, it’s not a joke. Netflix is actually releasing a new game based on the hit series The Queen’s Gambit where you can take on the one and only Beth Harmon. It’s apparently a game about the game of… chess.

“We’re making a game that I know fans of the limited series are going to love and that truly offers something for chess players of every level,” the streaming giant said in a press release.

The Queen’s Gambit Chess is just one of 22 games being launched over the summer on Netflix, a few of them are linked to some of their most popular TV shows. The game comes from Ripstone Games, the creators of Chess Ultra. It takes place in a 3D environment and players will have the option of settings from Beth Harmon’s house or the Mariposa Hotel, in which the chess star stayed in the series.

Would you like to play a game of chess here?
Would you like to play a game of chess here? Photo: Netflix.

It may sound familiar to members already, but according to the streaming service, players of the game will also be able to take chess lessons, play matches and compete against friends. It seems some of the other characters in the show may make an appearance, such as Vasily Borgov and Benny Watts.

The official description of the game says:

Welcome to Beth Harmon’s world. Take lessons, play puzzles and matches, or compete against friends in this stunning love letter to the award-winning drama. Beyond the chess board, players can meet familiar faces like Mr. Shaibel and Borgov, visit iconic locations including Beth’s house, the Methuen orphanage, the Las Vegas tournament, and more. From new beginners to chess masters, this immersive experience appeals to every type of fan.

The Queen’s Gambit, which portrays chess prodigy Beth Harmon’s rise in the chess world of Cold War America, received worldwide praise and 11 Primetime Emmy Awards. It eventually catapulted lead star Anya Taylor-Joy’s career in Hollywood.

While chess fans earlier this year became hopeful of a second season of the hit series, there is no sign of a follow-up.

The Queen’s Gambit Chess will be available for iOS or Android. According to TheVerge, the game will be available on July 25.


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