And Lide Haiti Raise $42,794 To Empower Girls In Haiti, Rainn Wilson Stars And Lide Haiti Raise $42,794 To Empower Girls In Haiti, Rainn Wilson Stars

[ad_1] and the nonprofit Lide Haiti raised $42,794 to empower at-risk adolescent girls in Haiti (including via chess programs) during a star-studded live event featuring Rainn Wilson on Friday.

The June 2 event—hosted by IM Danny Rensch, GM Maurice Ashley, and The Office star and Lide founder Rainn—had set a goal of raising $20,000 for the cause, but this was quickly blown out of the water. Thanks to the community’s support, the money raised more than doubled the target.

FM Joshua Colas, WIM Deborah Richards-Porter, and Tris-Ann Richards added their names to the spectacle and participated in hand-and-brain games, interviews, and a Q&A in support of Lide Haiti.

For those interested in contributing, you can still donate to help the cause.

How to watch A Chess Benefit: Empowering Girls In Haiti 

Within five minutes of the broadcast’s start, Rensch proudly announced that more than $600 of donations had been made by the community before the day’s action had even begun! 

While on his rest day at Norway Chess 2023, GM Magnus Carlsen was among the players to support Wilson’s initiative, taking to Twitter and stating: “The smartest chess move you will do today is checking out the fundraising stream with Rainn Wilson.”

The two hand-and-brain games that took place provided ample entertainment. While time pressure was a concern for both teams, the teamwork of Richards (brain) and Colas (hand) proved too strong for Wilson (brain) and Richards-Porter (hand).

Though Wilson and Richards-Porter were unable to win either game, Ashley lauded their ambitious effort over the board, noting that the second game, in particular, was “explosive.”

Following the hand-and-brain segment, donator and NM Ian Harris won the opportunity to take on Wilson and Colas in a final hand-and-brain showdown. The game entered a sharp line of the Smith-Morra Gambit where Harris pounced on a single blunder by Team Rainn.

Though Wilson didn’t come up trumps in any of the day’s proceedings, he was full of gratitude for the donations and support of the wider chess community. He also thanked his 80-strong team for working “60-hour weeks” to ensure they make a difference in Haiti.

Richards-Porter passionately spoke about using chess to help young girls in Haiti believe in themselves, stating: “When you take a girl who probably people don’t think that she is smart or has the aptitude to learn anything, and you teach her chess, and you make that connection… the fact that you can learn chess means you can learn anything.”

The fact that you can learn chess means you can learn anything.

— WIM Deborah Richards-Porter

The Jamaican WIM went on say: “It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about this because I know that at the end of the day, you’re going to make a huge difference in the lives of persons who had no idea that just moving from where they are to where they’re wanting to get to…. For them, it’s going to be so awesome.” 

Richards, who is the president of the Saint Lucia Chess Federation and a member of FIDE Women’s Chess Commission, said about the injection of chess programs: “The discipline that these girls will learn from chess, I feel, will change their entire outlook on their reality…. That every loss is a lesson.”

Wilson also announced at the close of the stream that he would match the charitable donations of the community dollar for dollar, meaning that the $21,396.92 raised was instantly doubled.

About Lide Haiti:

Lide takes a whole-person approach to building capacity, empowerment, and resiliency among at-risk adolescent girls and differently-abled youth who have been denied equal access to education throughout rural Haiti. Through comprehensive arts, education, and health programs, Lide supports girls to find their voices, thrive, and become actively engaged participants in their communities.

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