Announcing Chessable 3.0: Customized Puzzles, Streamlined Opening Training, And More

Announcing Chessable 3.0: Customized Puzzles, Streamlined Opening Training, And More

[ad_1] is excited to announce the launch of Chessable 3.0, a new wave of improvements in the Chessable platform. Your experience will now be even more intuitive, personalized, and efficient!

Here are some of the improvements that you’ll see the next time you enjoy Chessable: 

Puzzle Connect: Train Personalized Tactics From Your Games

Working on your tactics can be one of the fastest ways to improve at chess. You can now make your tactics training even more efficient with Puzzle Connect

This feature is activated when you connect your Chessable and accounts. Chessable identifies mistakes you’ve made to create personalized puzzles. With this, you can focus your tactical training on patterns that you’re more likely to see in your own games—making it easier for you to spot them in the future.

Puzzle Connect feature on Chessable

To connect your account to Chessable and activate Puzzle Connect, go to our Learn page, click the Chessable option, and follow the steps to connect your accounts. Members with a basic Chessable membership get 10 personalized puzzles, while PRO members get up to 1,000! 

Turn on Puzzle Connect by connecting your account to your Chessable account.

Priority Lines: Focus On The Lines That People Are Actually Playing

There’s a lot of theory behind chess openings, and most of us don’t have enough time to learn all of it. But what if you knew exactly what lines your opponents are most likely to play? 

This is what Priority Lines is all about. We pull from a database of millions of online games to determine what lines people are actually playing. With this, you can maximize the impact of your training by investing your limited time to study only the lines you’re most likely to encounter.  

Priority Lines feature on Chessable

To activate Priority Lines, go to the chapters page of your course. From there, you can use the Course Settings box to turn on this feature by selecting the Priority Only option from the Learn dropdown menu.

Turning on priority lines on Chessable

Offline Mode: Get Better Even When You’re Not Connected

What if you’re going somewhere with a bad internet connection or are about to get on a long flight? If you’re a Chessable PRO member, you can still enjoy your Chessable courses using Offline Mode.

Download your courses to your mobile device to keep studying even when you’re off the grid. Whether you want to watch a video on your favorite opening or train your tactics with Move Trainer, Offline Mode has what you need. 

To use this feature, go to the Chessable app, click the three-dot menu of any course, and select the Download course option. 

You can also download a specific video within a course’s chapter. Go to the chapter with the video and click the Download Video button to do that.

Offline Mode feature on Chessable's app

Even More Benefits For PRO Members

PRO members also have a series of expanded benefits that they can enjoy with Chessable 3.0. Below is a list of some of the perks PRO members can take advantage of:

Which of the features above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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