Jennifer Shahade Featured On Jeopardy! Quizmaster; Can You Solve Her Clues?

Jennifer Shahade Featured On Jeopardy! Quizmaster; Can You Solve Her Clues?


She is a two-time U.S. women’s chess champion, author, commentator, and poker professional. But this week WGM Jennifer Shahade could also add Jeopardy! presenter to her already impressive career resume. 

A special episode of the popular American quiz show featuring Shahade aired on ABC on May 15, and was also available through the streaming platform Hulu. The episode also featured Jeopardy champions Mattea Roach, Matt Amodio, and Amy Schneider. 

In the category called “Chess Masters,” Shahade gave clues in a pre-recorded video about some notable chess players throughout history.

The contestants were able to answer four out of the five clues correctly. How many chess clues can you get right?

The $400 clue:

In what became known as the game of the century, in 1956 this then little-known 13-year-old announced his presence with a spectacular queen sacrifice to defeat one of America’s top masters.

Answered correctly by Roach.

The $800 clue:

Famed for works like Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2, in the 1920s this great Dadaist all but abandoned art for chess, becoming a Master and going on to play for France in four Chess Olympiads.

Answered correctly by Amodio.

The $1,200 clue:

Many a seemingly hopeless position has been turned into a draw via this tactic, with the apparently winning side’s king unable to escape repeated nagging attacks by an enemy piece.

Answered incorrectly by Schneider.

The $1,600 clue:

2023 saw the end of an era as this longtime world champion opted not to defend his title even though he remained by far the world’s top-rated player.

Answered correctly by Roach.

The $2,000 clue:

My book Chess Queens tells the story of the game’s female pioneers, like this trio of stereotype-shattering sisters, whose youngest, Judit, became both the world’s youngest grandmaster and the first woman to be ranked among the world’s top-10 players.

Answered correctly by Schneider.,

Before the episode was aired, Shahade wrote on Twitter: “Had a blast recording this a couple months ago and can’t wait for you to play along.”

After the show, she added:


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