Nepomniachtchi closes down sharp clash in Game 11

Nepomniachtchi closes down sharp clash in Game 11


Ian Nepomniachtchi had a chance to play on against risky play by Ding Liren in Game 11 of the FIDE World Championship match in Astana, but instead he decided to liquidate everything for a draw. That leaves him still leading by a point with just three games of the match to go, though Ding Liren will still have White in two of them.

Replay Game 11 of the Nepomniachtchi-Ding Liren 2023 FIDE World Championship match in Astana.

1. e4
2. ♘f3
3. ♗b5
4. ♗a4
5. O-O
6. d3
7. ♗b3
8. a3
9. ♗a2
10. ♘c3
11. ♗g5
12. ♗xf6
13. ♘d5
14. ♕d2
15. ♘g5
16. ♘xe6
17. ♘e3
18. ♖ad1
19. dxc4
20. ♗xc4
21. ♕xd6
22. ♖xd6
23. fxe3
24. ♔xf1
25. ♖xe6
26. ♖xa6
27. ♖c6
28. ♖xc4
29. ♔f2
30. ♖c5
31. ♔f3
32. ♔g4
33. ♔h3
34. ♖xe5
35. ♔g3
36. ♖e8
37. ♖e5
38. ♖e8
39. ♖e5

And here’s the day’s live commentary from Fabiano Caruana, Tania Sachdev and Robert Hess.

Game 11 of the World Championship match got off to an interesting start, with Ding Liren avoiding the Berlin Defence that had initially worked well for him in Game 9. Instead we followed Game 5, which Ian Nepomniachtchi won, until he varied with 8.a3 instead of 8.c3.

When 15…c4!? appeared on the board it looked like we were in for a fascinating struggle, with Nepomniachtchi having real chances to increase his lead, but Ding ready to pounce in case of a mistake.

It was a tense struggle, with Ding Liren taking his time but finding strong moves.

In another match situation Ian would likely have chosen 19.Qe2! and a full-fledged struggle would follow, but instead Ian decided simply to preserve his lead by going for mass simplications after 19.dxc4 Nxc4 20.Bxc4 bxc4 21.Qxd6.

Soon it was over, so that Ian Nepomniachtchi goes into the rest day on Tuesday with a 6:5 lead.

The players shook hands on move 39 after a repetition of moves.

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