Play Chess Against The Super Plumber Bots

Play Chess Against The Super Plumber Bots


Your favorite chess personalities—the Botez sisters, Levy, Fabiano, and of course Hikaru —fell down a green warp tube! Now, they’re trapped in the Chess Kingdom as classic video game characters. But don’t worry! They still love to play chess.

Meet the Super Plumber Bots: Boshi, Princess Nectarine, Plumber, Plumber’s Brother, and Howser. And stay tuned: there may be some power-ups in store later this month. 🔥 gold

Go to our Play Computer page to play chess against the new bots—but do it quickly; they won’t be in the Chess Kingdom for long!


Strength: 400.

Boshi is everyone’s favorite dinosaur sidekick. Can you defeat them on your path to ruling the Chess Kingdom?

Plumber’s Brother

Strength: 600.

Plumber’s Brother is a hardworking Italian-American plumber. In another universe, he might’ve been one of the strongest chess players in the world.


Strength: 800.

Plumber fell down a warp tube into the Chess Kingdom. Play against him and help him on his journey in defeating the evil Howser.

Princess Nectarine

Strength: 1200.

Princess Nectarine is the sweetest and most charming princess in all of! She’s been practicing hard to protect her castle from Howser.



Strength: 1400.

Howser is the biggest, baddest chess boss. He loves bringing anarchy to the chessboard. If you’re not careful, he’ll capture your queen. Watch out!

Go to our Play Computer page and play chess with the Super Plumber Bots before it’s Game Over! And let us know which was your favorite in the comment section below.


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