Play Against The Best Women Chess Players In History

Play Against The Best Women Chess Players In History


You can now play chess against some of the strongest women players in history! Head over to our Play Computer page to challenge GMs Judit Polgar, Hou Yifan, Anna Muzychuk, and Irina Krush.

These new bots will be in the Top Players section of the Play Computer page and will be a permanent fixture on However, there’s no time like Women’s History Month to celebrate these legendary players!

Play computer page

Below you can learn more about each new bot.

Irina Krush

Playing strength: 2502.

Irina Krush is the strongest woman in the United States and an eight-time U.S. women’s national champion. Can you survive against this fierce opponent?

Irina Krush bot

Anna Muzychuk

Playing strength: 2606.

Anna Muzychuk is a Ukrainian grandmaster and a former Women’s World Blitz and Rapid Champion. Are you fast enough to defeat this legend of the 64 squares?

Anna Muzychuk bot

Hou Yifan

Playing strength: 2686.

Hou Yifan is the second highest-rated woman in history, a four-time Women’s World Champion, and a full-time college professor. Do you have what it takes to defeat her?

Hou Yifan bot

Judit Polgar

Playing strength: 2735

Judit Polgar was once the youngest grandmaster in history and eventually reached a super grandmaster peak rating of 2735, making her the highest-rated woman in history.

Judit Polgar bot

Don’t forget to go to our Play Computer page and play against the Women’s History Month bots, Hikaru, and more! And click here to download the new bot avatars in full resolution.


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