Game Review Now With New Features

Game Review Now With New Features

[ad_1] is excited to announce the launch of new features in Game Review, our post-game learning tool. Game Review now packs in even more features that will help you understand your games, learn from them, and enjoy your best moments!

Below you can learn more about the most significant changes:

Report card with performance rating and grading

You now get a report card at the end of each review assessing how you played the game. The first thing you’ll see is a summary from your Coach on how the game went, followed by your performance rating—an estimate of your level of play based on that single game.

Game Review report card

Finally, you’ll get grades for each phase of the game based on your opening, middlegame, and endgame play. Grades are displayed as move classification icons, from blunder to brilliant Hovering over the icon, you can see your accuracy for that specific part of the game. This should help you get a sense of which part of the game you played well and where you should focus in case you want to improve.

Game Review report card game phase accuracy

Visual explanations over the board

Sometimes Coach’s feedback can be hard to follow, especially with so much going on. You can now have Coach draw arrows and highlight squares over the board to help you understand his advice. You can do this by hovering over or clicking on the highlighted words in Coach’s explanation of a particular move.

Game review visual explanations

This feature will help you instantly visualize the pieces, tactics, and ideas that Coach refers to, making your review experience easier to navigate.

New move classifications for “miss” and “blunder”

We’ve recalibrated the “blunder” classification to make it more meaningful and useful for you. Now, a blunder must not only drop the position’s evaluation significantly but also lose material or allow checkmate. This also aligns with how most real-world coaches would describe a blunder. 

Game review new blunder

We’re also introducing the “miss” classification for other types of mistakes. A miss happens when a player fails to take advantage of a tactical opportunity, find mate, or punish an opponent’s bad move. These are good opportunities to review: you can treat them like puzzles from your own games!

Game review new miss classification

Improved “book move” classification

We have completely overhauled our book move database to align it with well-known opening theory. We’ve added known opening moves to the “book” classification and are removing moves that are bad. With this change, you’ll get a more accurate sense of how well-versed you are in your favorite openings—and which openings you could study more.

Game Review improved book moves

More in-depth move explanations from Coach

Identifying threats against you and creating threats to your opponent is extremely important in chess. Coach now helps you to see all the threats behind each move and whether those threats are prevented or allowed. He will also mention specific pieces, so you’ll know if he’s talking about a knight, a bishop, a rook, or any other piece.

Game Review detailed explanation about pieces and threats

Play a game and use the new version of Game Review to enjoy all the new features! Once you do, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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