Join Us For A Very Special Women’s History Month Celebration

Join Us For A Very Special Women's History Month Celebration

[ad_1] is extending its Women’s History Month celebrations with a special event in which you can get to know some of our members of staff and the streamers we work with.

The event, which will be broadcasted live on’s channels on Youtube and Twitch, aims to showcase the talents of women who work, stream, and play on and beyond.

The highlight of the show will be a live Q&A session with special guest GM Judit Polgar, one of the greatest female chess players of all time and an inspiration to many.

Former top-10 player, Polgar. Photo: Maria Emelianova.

The tournament will be a team event and take place on Wednesday, March 15. Each team will have three female players and one male player.

Team members will be made up of staff, streamers, partners, and internal members of the family, but women outside the organization may also join in.

The event will start with the roundtable with Polgar at 11:00 PT / 20:00 CET. Each team will have the opportunity to ask one question. The tournament will begin at 12:00 PT / 21:00 CET.

The event follows the launch of’s Women’s History Month line-up of bots, which allows you to play against some of the women who fought for a better and more equitable world.

Jane Goodall, Hedy Lamarr, Ada Lovelace, Mary Jackson, and Malala Yousafzai are all available to take on—and learn from—on our Play Computer page.

Tournament Rules & Prizes

The tournament will be played in a round-robin or Swiss format, depending on the number of teams registered. The time control will be 3+2, and each round will start at intervals of 15 minutes.

Teams will receive points based on their performance, with a win earning 3 points and a draw earning 1 point. The top three teams will receive prizes, including Chessable courses, hoodies, t-shirts, and mugs for each member.

All teams must join a Zoom call with at least one front-facing camera at approximately 14:00 PT / 23:00 CET to close the broadcast. is excited to host this special event and hopes to see many talented female players join in the celebration of girl power.


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