Play Chess Against The Luk.AI Bot of Luka Dončić

Play Chess Against The Luk.AI Bot of Luka Dončić


Luk.AI, the official AI sidekick of NBA All-Star Luka Dončić, has been unleashed as a bot—and you can challenge him today. The Dallas Mavericks guard is a huge chess fan and a regular on Now, the 23-year-old NBA superstar is the first major athlete with a chess bot.

You can play against the Luk.AI bot right now by going to our Play Computer page.

 The virtual version of Luka will be super-competitive at chess, just like he is with basketball. The bot’s playing strength will start at 400, but the more games that members play against it, the stronger it’ll get.

At the end of the month, Luk.AI will face our highest-level A.I. bot, Agent Chess. It’s up to all’s members to help him train for the encounter. 

Luk.AI will also feature as part of’s Chess Played Quick – Luk.AI Plays edition, which starts on February 20 at 09:00 PT/18:00 CET. As part of CPQ, we have lined up a series of challenges for well-known streamers involving the new Luk.AI bot. 

Fans may also see Luk.AI be drawn into a little friendly trash-talking—but don’t expect him to brag. He could even say “Hvala” (“Thank you”) or “Dobra igra” (“Good game”) in his native language.

Join Luk.AI’s club on by clicking here!

How strong can Luk.AI get? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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