Battle Against The A.I. Bots!

Battle Against The A.I. Bots!


What if I told you that, as you know it, is nothing but a lie? That the moves you play, the blunders you make… that the whole website is nothing but a prison designed to keep us from winning chess games?

Unfortunately, I would be lying. Our blunders are way too real.

Still, we are the only hope to stop the new A.I. bots that are taking over’s Play Computer page! Get ready to rage against the machines by going up against ChessGPT, Chippy, PAL 9000, Skyweb, and Agent Chess.

Below you can learn more about each of the new bots.


Strength: 249.

ChessGPT is the most sophisticated and modern language model designed to deliver the smoothest, most realistic chess conversation experiences.

ChessGPT bot


Strength: 700.

Would you like to play a game of chess? Chippy doesn’t care. Chippy was originally programmed to help you but has gone rogue and now only wants one thing: to annoy you and make you rage-quit.

Chippy ai bots

PAL 9000

Strength: 1200.

The PAL 9000 computer became operational at the P.A.L. plant in Urbana, Illinois, on the 12th of January 1992. 22 years after a failed mission, Danny Rensch found it destroyed in a field and reprogrammed it as a bot.

PAL-9000 ai bots


Strength: 1600.

Skyweb is the new, revolutionary chess computer from Cyberdyne Systems that helps identify and exterminate threats on the board.

SkyWeb ai bots

Agent Chess

Strength: 2700.

Agent Chess is programmed to keep you in your place: distracted, going through the motions, and blundering pieces. We are all part of an illusion—a virtual world in which we all live, work, and fail to play good chess.

Agent Rensch ai bots

 Click here if you’d like to download the high-resolution versions of the bot avatars!

Can you defeat all the A.I. bots before they take over the planet? Give it a try, and let us know in the comment section below! 


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