Abdusattorov Convincing at Gashimov Memorial

Abdusattorov Convincing at Gashimov Memorial


GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov won the 2022 Vugar Gashimov Memorial on Thursday with such a commanding lead that he clinched the tournament victory with five rounds to spare. GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov finished second with the top score in the blitz segment. 

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The Gashimov Memorial is dedicated to the late GM Vugar Gashimov, who reached sixth in the world rankings at his peak. The organizers make a special effort to celebrate the memory of the Azerbaijani grandmaster, opening the tournament with Gashimov’s father making the ceremonial first move on board one for GM Wang Hao vs. top seed, Mamedyarov.

In addition, the participants visited Gashimov’s grave in the Alley of Honors on the rest day. 

Abdusattorov scored 25.5 points, finishing a full five points ahead of the field. He especially excelled in the rapid segment, going undefeated in nine rounds―a fitting result for the reigning world rapid champion. In round three, he defeated Mamedyarov, trapping his opponent’s rook in the center of the board with his potent bishop pair and then squeezing in the resulting pawn-up ending. 

Abdusattorov defeated another one of his closest competitiors, Mamedov, in a 76-move duel between his extra piece and his opponent’s perilous advanced passers. 

The rising 18-year-old grandmaster has little time to rest after his victory as he embarked on defending his world rapid title today in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Mamedyarov struck back against the young tournament victor in the blitz segment with a perceptive piece regrouping in round 12. 

Fellow countryman, Mamedov, finished third. In the last round, after a tactical attempt by GM Richard Rapport went awry, Mamedov unleashed his fianchettoed bishop for a deadly discovered attack. This victory allowed Mamedov to leapfrog past his opponent on the final scoreboard.

Rapport was in clear second up to one round from the finish. In the penultimate round, he defeated Abdusattorov with an artful bishop sacrifice to generate a king attack nearly out of thin air. He ultimately finished fourth.

Final Standings 

Rank Player Fed Total Score
1 GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov 25.5/36
2 GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 20.5/36
3 GM Rauf Mamedov 20.5.36
4 GM Richard Rapport 20/36
5 GM Francisco Vallejo Pons 19.5/36
6 GM Wang Hao 19/36
7 GM Sam Shankland 17/36
8 GM Gukesh D 15/36
9 GM Abdulla Gadimbayli 12/36
10 GM Aydin Suleymanli 11/36

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The Vugar Gashimov Memorial takes place December 17-24, 2022, in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is a super tournament held in honor of the late GM Vugar Gashimov. The format is a round-robin with 10 players, nine rounds of rapid followed by 18 rounds of blitz. The rapid time control is 15 minutes plus a 10-second increment while the blitz is three minutes plus a two-second increment. Official website.


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