2023 Daily Chess Championship Registration Now Open

2023 Daily Chess Championship Registration Now Open


The annual Chess.com Daily Chess Championship is back for 2023. Over 12,000 players have already signed up for the event, and that number continues to climb!

Do you want to join the largest tournament of the year? Then the Chess.com Daily Chess Championship is for you!

Sign up now to play daily games for the duration of the calendar year, with prizes awarded over the course of each round. Titled players, Chess.com staff, and users of all skill levels are welcome to participate in the tournament, which features a $5,000 prize fund. 

Be sure to register before January 1, 2023 to join in on the fun and be a part of the world’s largest tournament!


The Daily Chess Championship is one of Chess.com’s biggest and most popular events. Last year’s edition featured 33,633 players, who took part for a wide variety of reasons.

Players get the chance to compete against people from all over the world in a massive online tournament, the opportunity to win prizes (without needing to be a titled chess player), and many games in which to practice and improve their skills without the time pressure of rapid chess.


Participants will play 22 games at one time (one as Black, one as White per opponent) using a time control of one day per move. All participants are divided into 12-player sections, with only the section winner(s) advancing to the next round.

The use of engines and tablebases is never permitted, but opening databases and opening books are allowed due to the nature of daily chess. All section winners will be subjected to fair-play analysis to ensure the integrity of the competition.

An image of the Daily Chess Championship symbol surrounded by thousands of people.
Last year’s event featured over 33,000 participants—will this year be even bigger?


The 2023 Daily Chess Championship has a total prize pool of $5,000, which will be divided over the course of all four rounds. Prizes will be awarded after each round for different categories:

  • Best video analysis
  • Best blog
  • Best game
  • Best move

Participants can submit their entries by following the instructions on the event page.

The tournament’s top three finishers will also receive an exclusive trophy that will forever be displayed on their Chess.com profile.

How to enter

Make sure you join the event prior to the starting date of January 1, 2023 by visiting the 2023 Daily Chess Championship event page or clicking the button below.


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