Announcing Exclusive Events And Updates On The Discord

Announcing Exclusive Events And Updates On The Discord


Are you a member of the Discord server? If not, now’s the time to join! We’ve just revamped our server, giving you lots of brand-new benefits and ways to be part of a community full of 35,000+ chess lovers.

A screenshot showing the Discord server on three mobile phone screens.
What’s new?

The Discord server received a big facelift and tech upgrade recently in the form of a new Discord bot. This bot can connect your Discord and accounts together for even more features:

  • Display your rating, title, username, and more. You’ll also have access to custom flair, exclusive channels, and the ability to manage which pings you receive.
  • Take part in special events (Find the Plan, Puzzle Week, Discord Arenas, and AMAs with titled players and streamers).
  • Want advice on how to improve, or analyze the latest grandmaster game with others? Talk to peers, coaches, and even titled players in a dedicated channel!
  • A new trust system (based on your participation in Discord over time) lets you unlock access to more channels and features such as voice chat, streaming, and more. This improves the quality and safety of conversations and content within the server; brand-new members are limited in what they can do, while community members can quickly and easily earn trust levels.
  • Share a game of your choice with everyone using the game command, letting you click through the moves and open analysis from any position.
  • Puzzle lovers can receive a random daily puzzle to solve, with (optional) hints included.
  • Coming soon: You’ll be able to directly challenge other players to a game over Discord, making it easy to find people of your level to play with and practice against.

Part of the server upgrades also includes providing our moderators with additional tools to help keep the Discord a nice place for everyone. Being part of our online community has never been safer and more fun!


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