Yes, These Soccer Stars Play Chess Between Games in Qatar

Yes, These Soccer Stars Play Chess Between Games in Qatar


The 2022 FIFA World Cup, taking place in Qatar, has brought out some of the world’s most talented soccer players. But did you know that many of these same stars are also avid chess fans?

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It turns out that a number of top-level footballers have an affinity for the game of chess. From Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to Neymar Jr., many of today’s leading players have embraced the game as a way to sharpen their minds off the pitch. The connection between soccer and chess has been known for years, but with more and more star players expressing enthusiasm for the game it appears that this trend is only growing stronger.

Take Lionel Messi for example; he is one of several high profile soccer players who are playing chess online. The former Barcelona superstar even took part in a friendly match against his teammate Andres Iniesta recently, which ended in a draw! Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo has also shown an interest in playing chess during his downtime from training sessions or matches. He often posts pictures on social media playing with friends or family – making it clear how passionate he is about learning new strategies and mastering different tactics within this ancient board game.

In addition to Messi and Ronaldo there are plenty more footballers who regularly enjoy playing chess including: Philippe Coutinho (Bayern Munich), Sergio Busquets (Barcelona) , Thiago Silva (Chelsea), David Silva (Real Sociedad), Antoine Griezmann (FC Barcelona), Dani Alves (Sao Paulo FC) , Luis Suarez(Atletico Madrid)and Edinson Cavani(Manchester United).

So when we tune into watch our favorite teams battle it out at FIFA 2022 World Cup we should remember that many of those same athletes might just be honing their skills away from TV screens by testing themselves against opponents across virtual boards!


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