Releases 50 Opening Lessons Releases 50 Opening Lessons

[ad_1] is happy to announce that we’ve released 50 lessons on the most popular chess openings. Developed by our team of master players, these lessons will teach you everything you need to know to take your opening play to the next level.

Many of the members of our community have already tried and approved the opening courses. Here are some of the messages they’ve left us:

Everyone loves's chess opening lessons

Each lesson features three parts: an explanation of the opening’s main lines and key strategic ideas, the most common tactics that arise in that opening, and a model game:

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After watching each video, you’ll find a series of practice exercises to help you internalize what you learned. You’ll also get immediate feedback if you play a wrong move and can even get a hint if you’re stuck.

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But what if you’d like to get familiarized with all the openings we have lessons on? Then you can take the master lesson, where we gathered all the videos and challenges about the main lines of each opening. Click the button below to check out this massive lesson!

Below is a list of every opening course we have launched:

1.e4 Openings

1.d4 Openings

1.c4 Openings



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