Releases New App And Bots: Checkmate Or Die Releases New App And Bots: Checkmate Or Die

[ad_1] is excited to announce the launch of our newest app, “Checkmate Or Die!” In this game, only two things can happen: you either checkmate the zombies or they eat you! Quickly solve all the mating puzzles that come your way to escape the wrath of the living dead.

The game features everybody’s favorite undead chess personalities: Zombaru, Zombiachtchi, Zombiano, Zombanny, and more. Download the app for free and start checkmating some zombies!

Checkmate or Die chess app

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Shortly after the release of “Checkmate or Die” a few zombies escaped the app and made it onto our Play Computer page. This is your chance to play against Zombaru, Zombiachtchi, Zombianno, Zotez, and Zombanny right here on

We’ve been able to contain all of them in the special Zombies section. Play them now before we send them away for good—they are zombies, after all!

Play Against The Zombie Bots

Below you can learn more about each of the new zombie bots.


Playing strength: 400.

Zombie Danny has vague memories of once being a famous international master and commentator. Can you survive a game with him?



Playing strength: 800.

Alexandra Zotez is among the most popular zombie chess streamers on the planet! Watch out, though! Many people have lost their brainz to a Zotez Gambit!

Alexandra Zotez


Playing strength: 1000.

Zombie Fabiano Caruana still remembers his 7-0 start at the 2014 Sinquefield Cup when he was still a human. But now, all he wants is to eat brainz! How long can you resist Zombiano?

Zombiano Caruana


Playing strength: 1400.

Nepomniachtchi was the last winner of the Candidates Tournament before the zombie outbreak. Beware the Zombiachtchi!

Ian Zombiachtchi


Playing strength: 1800.

Zombie Hikaru is the biggest streamer in zombie land. Can you survive the fierce attack of this undead streamer?

Zombaru Nakamura

Make sure you go to our Play Computer page and play chess against the zombie bots before they’re gone! And if you want to keep checkmating zombies after that, download Checkmate or Die for iOS and Android.


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