Ludwig Announces Mogul Chessboxing Championship, Hambleton Vs. Trent Headlines

Ludwig Announces Mogul Chessboxing Championship, Hambleton Vs. Trent Headlines


Now that the coronavirus pandemic has subsided, there’s no reason that we can’t get up close and personal over a chessboard … or with chessboxing. Yes, chessboxing! This sport is making a grand return by none other than Ludwig Ahgren who increased his fame during the PogChamp series.

Ludwig with chessboxing glove
In a promotional video for the event, Ludwig appears to be taking a punch to his head. Image: Ludwig via Twitter.

Ludwig, The Chessboxing Promoter (And Chess Player)

Popularly known simply as Ludwig, this Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and celebrity personality is well-known in the chess community. He was a player and commentator for the first PogChamps tournament. As one of the breakout stars in the inaugural 2020 PogChamps, Ludwig then became a commentator for PogChamps 2. He returned as a player for PogChamps 3 and PogChamps 4.

The master of hosting big events with other popular content creators, Ludwig has just announced that he will hold the Mogul Chessboxing Championship on Dec. 11 in the Galen Center in Los Angeles. The event features 12 of the biggest content creators on YouTube and Twitch who will step into the ring to play chess and box in quick succession until a winner is crowned. Ludwig announced the chessboxing championship on Twitter. 

A player trains with Iepe Rubingh
A player trains with Iepe Rubingh (right), the founder of chessboxing. Photo by Nik Kleinberg/ESPN.

What Is Chessboxing?

First, what is chessboxing? Chessboxing combines our favorite sport of chess with boxing. Really. Although both require accurate and timely judgment, it’s an unusual marriage because chess is primarily considered a thinking activity and boxing clearly is a contact sport. It was invented by Iepe Rubingh, who was inspired by a graphic novel by cartoonist and storyteller Enki Bilal in 1992 that depicts a world championship for chessboxing.

Ludwig vs. boxbox.
In Pogchamps, Ludwig, the promoter, once faced off against boxbox, who will be competing in one of the undercard matches. Image:

Ludwig’s Mogul Chessboxing Rules

Details about rules will be announced by Ludwig closer to the event. However, a competition typically consists of alternating rounds of chess and boxing, and each one lasts only a few minutes (three is a common length). A quick break between rounds usually lasts 60 seconds. The winner is determined by checkmate, resignation, knockout, or disqualification by the referee. In case neither player wins in regulation, the one ahead in boxing points wins.

Watch as boxbox explains why he will participate in the championship. Video: boxbox via YouTube.

Mogul Chessboxing Matches And Competitors

The championship will consist of three categories: smashboxing undercards, undercards, and the main event. All will be live-streamed on Ludwig’s Twitch channel. Tickets will be sold for in-person attendance. For the stream, it will be a free viewing experience, and Ludwig said that he doesn’t want to make any money from pay-per-view. On YouTube, he announced that his goal is for this steam to attract his most viewers ever. 

The smashboxing undercards feature Fiction vs. Kalindi and Joshman vs. Spud. The undercard matches are Myth vs. Boy Boy, Disguised Toast vs. PointCrow, Abroad in Japan vs. Papaplatte, Stanz vs. boxbox, and Sardoche vs. Toph. In the main event, GM Aman Hambleton and IM Lawrence Trent will face off against each other.

Experience As PogChamps Players 

Sardoche showed his chess skills during PogChamps 3. In fact, he was the highest-rated player in the field for this PogChamps event. But how good are his boxing skills? Read the tournament report here where he won when his opponent blundered a knight

Sardoche plays in PogChamps
Sardohe took advantage of a blunder in PogChamps 3. Image.

Another content creator who demonstrated chess prowess in PogChamps is boxbox, who was a player in PogChamps 1 and 4. In the first PogChamps, boxbox even checkmated Ludwig in just 16 moves. Read the tournament report here

In his game against fellow streamer xQc in the inaugural PogChamps, Ludwig was able to force checkmate in just 14 moves. Will one of the chessboxing matches survive that long?

Will Ludwig achieve his goal of attracting his most viewers ever? Stay tuned. Meanwhile, get ready to be entertained with some wild and fascinating chess or boxing or both.


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