Magnus Carlsen Asks Everyone to Read His Mind

Magnus Carlsen Asks Everyone to Read His Mind


In a cryptic interview full of smiles and innuendo, Magnus Carlsen said that Hans Niemann cheated. At least that’s what we can understand from ‘drawing our own conclusions’. Watch the video and try to read Carlsen’s mind.

In what turned out to be the most talked-about chess drama in years, the World Champion walks a fine line between openly accusing Niemann of fair play violations and adding suspense to an already complicated storyline. It has it all: erratic behavior, Elon Mask’s tweet, conspiracy theories, huge media frenzy, and anal beads.

What’s going to happen next?

Carlsen committed to provide more details after an online tournament organized by his own company, Play Magnus Group, finishes next week. Incidentally, both Carlsen and Niemann take part in the event and have a chance to face each other in the final.

This series of incidents will also no doubt enact FIDE, the chess governing body, as well as the main tournament organizers, to develop clearer fair play procedures that will help to add predictability to chess. Or not.


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