Sign Up For The 2022 Collegiate Chess League Fall Season

Sign Up For The 2022 Collegiate Chess League Fall Season


The Collegiate Chess League’s Fall 2022 Season begins on September 24, with college chess players from all over the world competing for their share of the $20,000 prize fund and school pride. If you’re a college student, invites you to sign up to play in the event and prove that your school has what it takes to be among the top chess universities around the globe.

Playing in the Fall Season of the CCL is easy: you just have to fill out’s official form and register your school on NACE, the largest collegiate esports league in North America and’s CCL partner. With and NACE’s partnership, the Fall Season brings a new format, where players will compete individually rather than in teams. 

Last season was the largest yet, with over 1,500 players competing in 220 teams from more than 100 schools around the world. Students gathered to represent their schools, find brilliant moves, and play the occasional Botez gambit:

Now, it’s your opportunity to play in the Collegiate Chess League and see how you stack up against other students. If you’re a college student and would like to participate, follow this link to start your sign-up process.


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