ChessKid Memberships: 20% Off For Back-to-School Season

ChessKid Memberships: 20% Off For Back-to-School Season


The summer holidays are coming to an end, and ChessKid is giving all parents and educators a 20% discount on Gold memberships to make sure young chess players can get easy access to child-friendly game analysis, puzzles, video lessons, and more.

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Additionally, the world’s #1 chess website for children is also hosting special events including a back-to-school blitz contest and a webinar, as well as introducing new tools to make it easier than ever to teach chess to kids in a fun and effective way.

20% off Gold ChessKid memberships

A Gold ChessKid membership comes with unlimited lessons, unlimited videos, unlimited puzzles, and access to ChessKid’s full array of fun bots (including young superstars like FM Tani Adewumi and ChessKid friend GM Viswanathan Anand). It’s the best way to encourage young players to keep enjoying the game and learning new skills.

Take advantage of the back-to-school sale happening until September 30, and save $10 on a one-year membership. A Gold ChessKid membership for kids also comes with a Gold ChessKid Parent account, so that you can also enjoy full access to the site’s resources (there are plenty of challenging lessons and puzzles to be found, even for advanced adult players).

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More back-to-school activities

A special back-to-school blitz contest is taking place on ChessKid for the entire month of September. Any ChessKid who plays 100 Fast Chess games over the course of the month will be in with a chance to play FM Mike Klein (AKA FunMasterMike) and win ChessKid merchandise. 

To make sure educators, parents, and community organizers are prepared for the back-to-school season, Coach Dakim Vanterpool will also be holding a special webinar on September 7. The webinar will focus on how to effectively use the ChessKid Classroom Planner and is a great time to ask any ChessKid-related questions to an expert. RSVP here.

An image of Coach Dakim advertising his ChessKid webinar on September 7.

Lastly, ChessKid is providing children and educators with a range of useful tools. From a new game analysis feature to helpful chess resources including posters and infographics in English and Spanish, there’s plenty to help kids of all levels along on their chess journey.

For more information and tips on how to make the most out of the back-to-school season, check out ChessKid’s back-to-school checklist.


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