Challenge Anyone on FIDE Chess Arena — New Feature

Challenge Anyone on FIDE Chess Arena — New Feature


FIDE Chess Arena, the official gaming platform of the World Chess Federation, is adding challenges feature that allows players to challenge anyone who is active on the platform, including elite grandmasters and friends alike.

Challenging your friend or a chess icon is easier than ever with the new ‘Challenges’ feature available on the Arena. A new challenge button is added to the players’ profiles. When the player is online, the button is always active. When you click on the button, you can choose the format of the challenge (rated, unrated) and a time-control. If your opponent accepts the challenge, the game starts immediately. The opponent also sees the list of challenges in his main menu but it does not interfere with his ongoing game. If the player goes offline, all challenges are automatically cancelled.

“Being able to challenge anyone on the Arena takes the experience to a whole new level,” says Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Chess, the company behind the FIDE Chess Arena. “We are very excited to help users have an opportunity to play with their chess heroes, like Vidit or Daniil Dubov, Arena ambassadors, as well as other top players, as well as the whole community,” adds Merenzon.

The ‘Challenges’ feature comes on the heels of the complete revamp of the Arena gaming interface, including introduction of the new features, such as Zen Mode, chats, Arena-type tournaments, and more.

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